Sapphire Shampoo Bar
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Sapphire Shampoo Bar

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Coffee for Hair? Why not?!

At Livara, we are big on hair and we make it our prerogative to make your hair our business. That is why we use the best of nature to nurture your hair. And coffee as our primary ingredient for the Sapphire Hair shampoo bar is the ultimate hair lover for you. The benefits of coffee and its master ingredient caffeine for hair are so intrinsic and gently powerful that we could not resist having them in one of Livara’s hair care lines.

1. Stimulates Hair Growth
Caffeine is considered a stimulant for hair follicles. Research by the International Journal of Dermatology indicated that topical treatment with caffeine resulted in the increase in average growth of hair follicles by around 46%. It also extended its life cycle by 33%. And guess what, caffeine essentially blocks the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – a powerful androgen which damages the hair follicles and is responsible for causing male pattern baldness.

If you are losing your hair fast and are worried about going bald then it’s time for you to start using the Sapphire Hair shampoo bar which is super rich in caffeine. To make caffeine shampoo bar more effective, it is good to leave the shampoo for a minute or two on your scalp so that caffeine properly penetrates the roots of the hairs and do its magic. We got you ladies and gentlemen!

2. Great for Scalp Exfoliation

Oh yes, you’ve probably heard that using coffee body scrub is good for skin exfoliation and getting rid of the disturbing and unproductive dead skin cells. You got that right; exfoliating benefits of coffee are not just limited to the skin. Your scalp also has lots of dead skin cells and coffee can surely be used to get rid of them. So, after lathering your hair with Livara’s Sapphire Hair shampoo bar, take some time to enjoy not only the obvious sweet relaxing scent but also to let your hair absorb the caffeine as you massage it in for a minute or two. After this, you can then rinse off your scalp with fresh water.

3. Gives Shine to Hair and Makes it Manageable

The list of the benefits of coffee for your hair is endless and we would be selfish not to let you in on the fact that coffee is essential for making hair shiny. Great thing is that the Sapphire Hair shampoo bar is also made with shea butter and castor oil – very very nutrient-rich oils for your hair. Again, after lathering your hair, let it rest for a minute or two before washing it out with fresh water.
Remember, besides strengthening the hair shaft, caffeine, shea butter and castor oil add natural shine to your hair and makes it much more manageable.

4. Darkens Hair With Time

It is quite interesting to know that coffee is also used for colouring hair. To use coffee as hair colour, mix some grounded coffee with some oil and make a fine paste. Now apply this paste to your shampooed hair and leave it in for about an hour or two to dye it dark brown to black. As the coffee oxidizes, your hair darkens. Well, the Sapphire Hair shampoo bar does not do this explicitly but it has enough coffee and castor oil which help to darken hair a little step at a time.

Four powerful reasons your hair shall love Livara’s Sapphire Hair shampoo bar! Why not order yourself a bar right now?!

1. Wet your hair with some fresh water.
2. Rub the Sapphire Hair Shampoo Bar in your hair to lather it up real good.
3. Show some love to your scalp and massage your lather rich hair for a minute or two.
4. Let the caffeine and castor oil settle in for another minute or two.
5. Rinse your hair with some fresh water until all the soap is out.

Available in 130g

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coffee, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, CDEA, Sodium Hydroxide, Water

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