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Jadiete Kids Spritz Hair Moisturizer

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Handy and easy to use, this Jadiete Spritz Moisturizer is what you need to keep your child's hair vibrant, soft and unhealthy on a daily basis. Hair needs food and this is the right hair meal for your little one.

How to use- Apply before, during and spray a little after styling. Apply near the root area to add fullness and lift. Can be applied daily. The hydration and growth spritz is ideal for those with fine hair and can be an alternative to thick butters. Additionally it might be used to revive twists or another style that has gotten dry over time.

Ingredients- Aqua, Shea butter, Rosemary, Guava leaf extract, Olive oil, Glycerine,  Citric acid, Nettle, Sodium Benzoate,Fragrance. 

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