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What Is A Good Hair Bonnet?

The hair bonnet is a special cap for protecting hair during sleep time. It has been around for many years especially in communities of women with very kinky curly hair.

A good hair bonnet is made with silk or satin material. These materials help to keep the hair safe from sleep friction as well as helping keep in moisture retention which is good for the hair.

Hair Bonnet Benefits:

It Keeps Your Hairstyle Intact

Investing money on a good hairstyle only for it to unravel at night as you sleep is very disheartening. Investing in a good hair bonnet will help you to keep your good hairstyles for longer periods. Wearing a silk or satin bonnet minimizes friction as you toss and turn in your sleep hence keeping your hairstyle intact.

It Minimizes Frizz And Hair Loss

Hair can be frizzy due to friction and drying out. Excess hair frizzing leads to breakage and split ends which lead to hair loss in the long term. Good silk or satin bonnet keeps your hair intact with minimal friction. You wake up with your hair fresh and ready to go.

Keeps Your Sheets Clean

Hair products can get messy and greasy sometimes, a good hair bonnet protects your good thread count sheets and pillowcase from soaking in hair products. Sometimes you put oils, conditioner, dye, and other products in hair that you do not want going on sheets.

It Keeps Your Face From Breaking Out

Sometimes your hair picks up all kinds of pathogens in the air as you go about your day. It is recommended that you do not wash your hair daily so you do not strip it of the natural protective oils that it has.

Sleeping in a bonnet prevents the pathogens from going on your pillow and sheets and causing your face to break out It also protects you from hair conditioner, hair oils, and leave-in treatments that might irritate and cause breakouts.

It Helps With DIY Hair Care

When it comes to DIY hair care, a hair bonnet is a great best friend. It helps you to retain heat for your pre-poo to be a success. It keeps your rollers intact so you can unravel your bouncy shiny curls in the morning. It holds up your DIY protective styles so you do not have surprise bad hair days.

It keeps hair color in the hair to avoid ruining your favorite clothes while color ing hair at home. It's no wonder grandmothers across the globe always had a silk scarf. The hair bonnet is the evolution of the silk scarf, especially since it will not ditch you in the middle of the night as a silk scarf will.


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